Weekly Kpop News: Spooky Scary Oktober Kpop

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SHINee is coming back on the 5th of Oktober! That is so quick! This classic Kpop group still never fail to amuse me, so I bet it will be amazing again. With their original sound they just keep being one of the hotshots in modern Kpop! They will release their 5th full album called ''1 of 1''. Are you just as excited as me?


Ailee will also come back on 5 Oktober. ''The Korean Beyonce'' as some fans have called her will be releasing her 4th mini-album ''A New Empire'' around 12:00 am KST. It has been a year since the last comeback from Ailee so I bet it wil be something special.


Ladies Code is coming back on the 13th Oktober! The Group is still going strong after what they've been through and that deserves alot of respect. But don't forget that this group has wonderful vocal abilities and can rock the world with their stage presence. So give them alot of love as they deserve it the most!


Davichi will also comeback on 13 Oktober with a brand new mini-album called ''50 X HALF''. This iconic duo has been around since 2008 and is a classic ballad group with amazing vocal range and harmony. Their teamwork is iconic and so the meaning of the album ''50 X HALF'' is them as a team. Minkyung wears the shirt with ''50%'' and Haeri wears the shirt with ''HALF'' and so they become ''50 X HALF''. I personally really like this group. They have this unique sound which is really soothing and comfortable to listen to. While it's emotional and beautiful at the same time. Check them out!


Another classic Kpop artist will make his comeback this Oktober. After 4 years and 8 months Se7en is finally back with his new album called I AM SE7EN on the 14th of Oktober. He fully produced the whole album by himself. I am really curious what he will bring after such a long time. Keep an eye out for Se7en as well in this wonderful Kpop month.


When there are alot of classic groups coming back, the rookies can't stay behind. The succesfull rookie group IOI is coming back on the 17th of Oktober. As a whole group with 11 members they are back. They will release their last album as IOI. Even if you knew this beforehand it's still hard to let them go after this album. We will see them back in seperate groups and their idol life is yet to begin. Some will debut in bigger and some in smaller groups while some even plan to do acting. Even though we can still see them in the future it's still a shame to see such a succesfull group disband so quickly. You better give them alot of love for their last comeback!




Today I wanna talk about the drama Shopping King Louie. I watched the first episode last week as I needed a new drama to watch and I was hooked. I am a fan of the main actor Seo In Guk and I really like the way it's filmed and how the story goes. It's a funny melodrama in the beginning but it will soon get a bit more serious and you see the main characters develop and how they get themself into trouble is fun to watch.


The drama is about Kang Ji Seong ( Seo In Guk ) who lives in a huge mansion in France. He is the only heir to his grandmother since his parents died in a tragic accident when he was a child. His grandmother is very overprotective since she thinks he is all she got left. Ji Seong lived as ''Louie'' completely sheltered from any real friends. He is spending alot of money by traveling and buying expensive products without any care. He does this to fill his emotional void the loneliness left behind. When Louie returns to Korea he quickly gets into an accident in which he loses his memory of who he is where he lives.

Go Bok Sil is a young woman who lived very primitive in a smalll plave in the mountains with her grandmother which she cares for. But then after her grandmother passed away she went to Seoul to make something of herself. There she meets Kang Ji Seong who she takes in her home since he has lost his memory.

Cha Joong Won is a department director for Louis his grnadmother and sees Louis as a threat to his carreer. But then in multiple encounters with Go Bok Sil he falls in love with her. Louis his grandmother has passed away, so the exciting drama is that everyone wants to heir everything he got. Unfortunately the true heir Kang Ji Seong lost his memory so Go Bok Sil wants to help him to return to his rightful place in life. 



Intresting right? Anyway this was it again for this Weekly Kpop News!



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