Weekly Kpop News: In time of need, TWICE need ONCE to continue their support

by: Daniel posted: 8 months ago


In the wake of Mina’s withdrawal from TWICELIGHTS concerts due to anxiety and insecurity issues towards performing on stage, this is yet another challenge that the JYP nine-member group has to face. Yet, this might be the most challenging of them all because the prospect of losing a member is very real. In the end, only Mina and her family will be able to make that decision.

What does not help is the abuse that was hurled towards JYP Entertainment and Mina at the release of the news, and this has forced JYP to release a statement threatening legal action against malicious comments. This is welcome news in an industry where attention is key. In those malicious comments’ place, well-wishing messages have taken over.

And yet, the fact remains that the certainty of Twice as a nine-member group remains unknown. The concerts will continue (the girls are now in the US), and Japanese promotions for “HAPPY HAPPY” and “BREAKTHROUGH” will soon follow, but there will be little insights as to whether Mina can continue activities as a celebrity. The challenge facing the group now is whether they can sustain and continue the momentum, having seemingly not stopped since their break-out hit "TT", and push for the next milestone.

They will need the fans to do their part, and judging from the concert in Singapore, it is clear that ONCEs are willing to pick up their efforts.

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