Trip Down Memory Lane: #1 1st song ever

by: Marcus, Laura, Lilly posted: 5 years ago


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Hello oppas and unnies!

We are going on a trip. But not a regular trip. In this series we will travel through time and visit all important Hallyu moments in our lives.

Are you ready for our first edition?

Today we ask ourselves the question: What was the first Kpop song you ever heard and what did you think of it?

Marcus :
Well to be honest I don't remember the exact first song, but I do know my first few songs.
One of my first Kpop songs was EXO K's History. Like you´ll read in laura's part, she also started with
EXO. We only listened to a different language. Also one of my first songs was Somebody from 15&.
Somebody was my jam for a very long time. And the last song I can remember being one of my first
is Goodbye Baby from Miss A. That song started my love for Miss A by the way. They have been my favourite from the start.

I got into Kpop because of three of my classmates. They were totally all over EXO and B.A.P and Super Junior. I got curious so I asked them to show me some more of ''it''. Eventually it led them to the point of them giving me a Kpop test. The test was being graded and I remember mixing the names of the big three up. For example I would write JYG XD.

Another funny story is that unknowingly my first kpop artists were actually DBSK and IU. It was when I was still an otaku, obsessed with Japan and anime shows. DBSK sang the 11th opening for one piece and I was also obsessed with the Japanese version of Good Day from IU. I guess it was meant to be.

Laura :
The first song I ever heard was EXO M's History. My friend said: "Hey you wanna hear a song in Chinese?" Of course I couldn't contain my curiosity so I agreed. What I saw were some weird (gay?) looking boys dancing like crazy to a song I couldn't understand at all. I was baffled, but it caught my attention.

Later that day I went home and listened to the song again. The melody was very catchy and I soon found myself humming along to the tune. The more I listened to it, the better it sounded to me. After a while, those boys didn't look so gay anymore to me but instead had transformed my view on Asian men forever. A whole new world opened for me with the discovery of Kpop.

However, I also like to think that Miss A's Breathe was my first song ever, since it was the first Kpop song I found while browsing for myself, instead of somebody else showing me. I immediately fell in love with Suzy and the bubbly atmosphere of the MV. Therefore Miss A will always hold a special place in my heart.


Lilly :

The first K-pop song I ever heard was Shinee's s Hello. I loved everything about it: the song, the MV and of course the well dressed and handsome singers. Then one day a friend told my about Bigbang so I looked them up online, I wanted to hear recent songs because HaruHaru was a bit old. I only found GDXTOP don't go home and I never ever enjoyed listening to a song I could understand this much. Before I knew I was downloading their whole album. I think GD is a lyrical genius, the words he writes really do fit together in a way that makes almost every song he makes a hit. I love how he puts his emotions and experiences in his songs, making the songs he writes often more realistic. I also can not forget TOP and his mesmerizing eyes, nose and lips (shoutout to teayang for that lovely song) and of course he deep-lovable-voice. The way he said "Turn it up" in the song Don't go home, still melts my heart every time I hear it. It was also TOP's fashion for the CD GDXTOP that attacked me, I thought TOP was the most handsome guy ever. (TOP in a suit, that does a lot to my kokkorro)<3<3<3

I'll always remember playing that album untill I fell a sleep... of course  when I went to bed I'd play Baby Goodnight.

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