Screen & show: #6 Bare the musical - A gay fairytale in South-Korea

by: Veronique posted: 2 years ago


Even though this musical has been around for quite a while, I still want to discuss this controversial musical. Bare the musical is not just your everyday happy clappy musical but it is a show about the controversy around homosexuality. When it was released in America about 10 years ago it had many negative reviews because America was still really conservative. Nowadays it is more accepted and this musical made a huge change in the LGBTQ community.

The musical is about Peter and Jason who are gay and they are attending a conservative Catholic high school. Peter who has been bullied due to his timid personality has a secret relationship with Jason, the most popular guy in the school. Peter wants to come out to his friends and family, while Jason is afraid of coming out since he is afraid it will harm his popularity and image. Jason then starts to have some feelings for a girl and starts doubting his sexuality. This musical is about finding your true self and has an amazing storyline.

Last year Korea decided to bring that musical to their country. A country who is also very conservative and where homosexuals are not fully accepted yet in society. Of course not everybody thought this way and the producers of this show wanted to spread a message through the nation. It was really risky for Korea to put this show on stage because it is still a controversial topic. But it turned out to be a hit.

It has been a year since the production was played in Korea and recently they revealed that in the end of this month the musical will make its revival already! It will be performed from the end of june until the beginning of September in the Doosan Art Center Yonkang Hall. Are you guys excited yet? Watch the official trailer of the 2016 production below!

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