5 more amazing Korean ASMRtists

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Around 10 months ago I wrote the post “Korean ASMR - What it is and why you should watch it”. What was supposed to be me just posting a little extra post about something I enjoy, turned into one of the most popular posts I have ever written. This was very surprising, as you can imagine, as the reactions in real life when I tell people I listen to ASMR are not so great. As I explain what it is I get the dirty look and nod, which can only mean: “Sure, you pervert”. Honestly, I don’t care anymore, because it helps me fall asleep.

In the last couple of months Korean ASMRtists have been getting more and more popular. Subscription counts have gone up for most of them and there have been a lot more people who have started doing it. In fact: popular Korean solo artist IU has been posting videos of her playing with slime, which a popular thing to create ASMR videos with. She may just like playing with it, but lots of people have been connecting it to ASMR.

If you are still confused as to what ASMR really is check out my previous post first, as I explain it in more detail. Now before you continue, make sure you watch these videos with a good set of headphones for maximum effect.



One of my newest favorites is Kaya. The quality of her videos are amazing. You can see (and hear) that see spends a lot of time on them. All of her videos of the last year have English subtitles and one of her latest video is the first one fully in English. She also has her own vlog channel that also include English subtitles. She has a very exotic look for a Korean girl and when I first saw her I was reminded of Gyuri from KARA. They don’t look that much alike, but there are some similarities. Most of her videos are focused on ear cleaning/picking, but she also has other types videos including the one linked below. If you apprehensive about watching these videos watch this one first as the quality is amazing. The sounds are also very subtle, so you won’t immediately be blasted with someone chewing in your ear (more on that later). If you can’t stand the sounds, then ASMR is not for you.


ASMR Journey

Journey is an ASMRtist who doesn’t have a great following, but is really good at what she does. She has a really sweet and soft voice, and a great variety of content. She also streams quite a lot on AfreecaTV, which is a popular Korean streaming website. She has a fashion style known as Ulzzang, but it so much more than that. The literal translation is “best face” and outside of fashion it also refers to certain facial features that are popular in Korea. Trying to explain Ulzzang in just a few sentences wouldn't do it justice, so I will write a post about it in the near future.

The reason she and other Korean ASMRtists aren’t as popular as some others on this list is because of the fact that she doesn’t create English videos or provide subtitles on her videos. Much of the following of these channels come from outside of Korea and even though ASMR is all about the sounds, not being able to understand what they are saying is what makes people move to other channels.


Latte ASMR

Next up is Latte ASMR. Latte focusses a lot on roleplay videos. She has a very high pitched voice that you either like or dislike. The special thing about her channel is that for a lot of her videos, she creates an English and Korean version. As far as I know she is the only one that does that. Her English is pretty good. She does have an accent, but for the most part it’s not even noticeable.

One of her more popular videos is that of a cranial nerve exam. This might sound weird, but it is a very popular type of video. In fact, clinical trial roleplay videos are some of the most popular types of videos. Why these are so popular is unknown, but many people who suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety watch these videos to help lower their symptoms.



One other type of ASMR video that is popular, especially in Korea, are eating videos. The reason these are so popular in Korea probably ties into their love for Mukbangs: live broadcasts where people just eat a whole bunch of food. ASMR videos with eating have already existed for quite a while, but its popularity has risen to new heights as of late. Like all other ASMR videos you either love or hate it. I’m definitely on the hate side. Although I enjoy other types of videos in the ASMR genre, these I'd rather not sit through and watch.

Suna does a lot of these videos including some other types of videos, which I definitely enjoy a lot more. The crazy thing is that while she does a lot of eating videos, she is pretty skinny (although she refers to herself as chubby). Like Journey she is also a broadcaster on AfreecaTV. She uploads some of her streams on her second channel, which also have English subtitles just like her ASMR videos. These videos include her special pet, a mini pig.


Babzi ASMR

So far all of the ASMRtists I have talked about are female. This is because within ASMR most of them are female and males often don’t start doing ASMR. As far as I know most of the audience watching are also male and it’s kinda weird to have a guy whisper in your ear. I’m not going to be hypocritical about it, because part of what makes ASMR great are the beautiful women. Now don’t start thinking that is the only reason I watch these videos, because most of the time I watch these videos to fall asleep and I have my eyes closed anyway.

As I said I don’t really watch male ASMRtists so I can’t tell you a lot about him. What I can say however is that the snippets I have watched were pretty good. He has only started about 10 months ago and he only has 22 videos out right now. This may seem like a lot, but compared to other AMSRtists it’s really not. Most bring out videos weekly, some even 2-3 times a week. However, this doesn’t mean he has a small following, since his subscriber count is close to 90k.


And there you have it. 5 more amazing Korean ASMRtists to watch. If this post proves to be as popular as the last one, I might try and contact one of them for an interview. It probably won’t happen, but I can always try.

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