K-pop 101: #11 tough girls edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago


Dear readers and patients,


This time we will be looking at some of the toughest girls in all of K-pop. To be honest, I shouldn’t be using the term girls, because most “girls” on this list have blossomed into beautiful tough women. They don’t need saving by anyone and can probably kick your ass if they need to.

2NE1 – I am the best

Anyone who knows even a little bit about K-pop was probably expecting 2NE1 to be on this list. So why not start out with them first. If you ask a random K-pop fan who the toughest girl group is you will most likely get 2NE1 as your answer. Why? Well firstly because they are one of the most popular girl groups. There isn’t a K-pop fan who hasn’t heard of them and if you don’t know them you are definitly not allowed to call yourself a K-pop fan. Secondly they are part of YG Entertainment. Almost everything YG brings out has a tough image and even belonging to this label will raise your toughness level exponentially. Lastly, their looks and clothing style is very hip-hop, which most of the time will make anyone look tough. Combine all these things and you get the toughness queens of K-pop.


Lee Hyori – Bad girls

Next up is another queen and it is none other then THE queen of K-pop, Lee Hyori. Part of girl group Fin.K.L she made guys fall for her all the way back in 1998. Although the group technically never disbanded, they parted ways in 2005 when each member left DSP Entertainment to pursue their own entertainment careers. Lee Hyori has been the one that has had the most success out of all the members and has been very busy since she left Fin.K.L. She is currently active as singer, actress, record producer, presenter and is also very active as an activist. She is a big advocate for animal wellfare and animal rights and because of this also adheres to a very strict vegetarian diet. In May of 2015 she however announced that she would go on a 2 year “in order to have time for herself”. She deserves it and I will patiently wait for her return.


GI - Beatles

When Global Icon(GI) debuted in 2013 with their single Beatles they were very different from the standard concepts most girl groups debut with. All the members had a very boyish style with short hair and a masculine look and attitude. In other words a tough image. They were not very popular, but they did pretty well for a rookie girl group. It was announced in June of 2014 that one of the members withdrew from the group and that she would be replaced by a new member. Later in November and February of the next year two other members left the group. Almost exactly a year after the first member left, Global Icon made a comeback with 3 new members, but they just as well could have debuted as a new group because there is nothing left of their boyish image.


Brown eyed girls – Sixth sense

Brown eyed girls has been a very defining group in the K-pop industry and has inspired many groups ever since their debut in 2006. How the group came together was very unique as the leader had a very active role in the selection of the group members. Normally this would be completely decided by the company, but this has proved to be a good thing as they are the first girl group to reach 10 years without any member changes. Heck, most girl groups don’t even reach 10 years with any member changes. The group members are also very successful on their own as each member has a solo career. These women don’t necessarily have tough images or looks, but their toughness comes from a confidence that makes even the most confident of people look tiny in their presence.


Yoon mi rae – Black happiness

Yoon mi rae was born in Fort Hood in Texas to a South-korean mother and black American father. She lived in multiple locations around America and also in Germany as her father was part of the military. In 1995 she accompanied a friend to a audition and was immediately cast as a member of the label heard her singing outside. She debuted in 1997 and she was one of the first mixed race artists in Korean music. This proved to be very difficult and she received a lot of criticism as Korea was not used to this yet. In 2002 she left her label and joined Jungle Entertainment, a label founded by her now husband Tiger JK. She made the song Black happiness talking about all the things she had to go through because of her heritage. You will definitely understand why I put her on this list when you have seen it.


So that completes another K-pop 101 list. In the next few editions I will be talking about a few sub-genres within K-pop. Because K-pop is not just pop music, it encompases all different kinds of genres. 

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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