K-pop 101: #23 360 VR edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 2 years ago



I had this video all planned out as a video to be watched on your phone, but apparantly youtube doesn’t support embedded 360 degrees videos. If you want the full experience I suggest you look up the videos on the youtube app yourself and watch it there. Because it makes use of your phones accelerometer to look around.

Bambino – Oppa oppa

One of the first 360 degrees K-pop videos I encountered was this one. It was uploaded the Korean channel Verest 360 VR channel. They have since uploaded a whole bunch of videos, some of which are pretty cool and some slightly creepy. Bambino started out as a dance cover group and is mostly known for their sexy fancams, some of which have gone pretty viral. This is in part due to certain “assets” that they have over other K-pop idols, although most suggest they are fake. They have been critisized for wearing too skimpy outfits and they even had several wardrobe malfunctions. In 2015 they debuted with the single “Oppa oppa”, but have since then mostly focused on performances.


Infinite – Bad

Infinite was one of the first bigger groups to release a 360 degrees version of their song. Although the video is sometimes a little fast paced it makes great use of the capabilities of a 360 degrees video. It makes you want to stop the video and look around what is happening or even rewatch it several times. The group have been pretty succesful since their debut in 2010. Their latest single “Bad” was able to win 6 trophies on Korea’s music shows and a total of 35 throughout their entire career. This is in part due to their amazing dancing, which is in my opinion some of the best in the entire K-pop industry.


Stellar – Sting

Stellar is another big K-pop group that have released a 360 version of their song. It was brought out by the channel Mooovr. Like Verest 360 it is a channel focused on 360 degrees content. They have not brought out as much content, but they have worked with some very big K-pop groups like Stellar, 4minute, Beast and Infinite. The y were the onces that shot the music video for Infinite’s “Bad”. Outside of K-pop content, they have brought out some amazing content including a paragliding and a timelapse of multiple locations in Seoul. Both are in 360 degrees of course.


JJCC – ToDay

JJCC is a group that was formed by none other than the great Jackie Chan. You are probably thinking “What the f**k” and that was the same reaction that I had when I first heard about this group. The name of the group has a bunch of meanings including “Jackie Chan Joint Cultures”, “Double Joy Creative” and “Let’s create double the joy”. The last two are from the pronounciation of the group name Double-JC. The group debuted back in 2014 and they have since released 7 singles and 2 albums. Their latest single “ToDay” received the 360 degrees treatment.


Baek A-yeon – So so

Outside of music videos, 360 degrees videos are also sometimes used for filming live performances, dance practices or special versions. These videos don’t garner a lot of views, but are lots of fun to watch. As with Beak A-yeon’s “So so”, the music video has close to 10 million views, while this version only has a little bit over 5000 views. It’s a shame that these types of videos don’t get as musch love from fans, because if they had more views we might see more of this type of content.


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