Korean Culture Counseling: Korean Age?!

by: Laura posted: 3 years ago


Hello Patients and Readers,

In this segment we will be discussing the many beautiful (and sometimes weird) aspects of Korean culture. Today we will be discussing Korean Age. 

So what is Korean Age?

In Korea, when you are born you are already one year old. This is different from other countries, where you are 0 when you are born. And instead of becoming one year older on your birthday, everyone becomes one year older on the first day of the new year. To celebrate this, people will usually eat ddeokguk (떡국), which is a soup with thinly sliced pieces of ddeok (떡), rice cake, in it. Your Korean age is therefore usually one or two years older than your actual age.

So how do I calculate my Korean age?

To calculate your Korean age, you use the following method:

This year - Your year of birth + 1

So for example:

2016 - 1997 + 1 = 20


So what is your Korean age? Are you one or two years older than your normal age? Let us know!


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